On our first visit to México in 1998, my wife and I instantly fell in love with it’s people, culture, language and climate. While traveling down the Pacific coast of Jalisco one year, we accidentally discovered the Costa Alegre area, better known now as  the Costalegre.  We noticed that there was a need for a travel web site on this unspoiled area.  We felt compelled to tell other travelers about this beautiful area and provide help so that they would receive maximum enjoyment while visiting here. I hope the information contained here-in may better prepare them for their visit.  Signed: MéxicoMac




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  1. Ashley Dellinger says:

    thank you for sharing this information! I used lived there from age 14-17 and loved it so much…def my second home. Want to have my wedding there within the next year and this blog is helpful to see what events are going on. IS there somewhere where you can see events before they’ve happened so people can plan on things to do? Also its been a few years and I forget which months were colder down there, obviously summer is blistering hot…but I know off season is oct-dec and semana santa is crazy but it would be nice to see a list of Jan-Dec and general temperatures for each month along with yearly events held in those months so people can plan on when to go. Let me know if there is already something like this! best wishes!

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