Every Wednesday there is a traveling street market (Tiangis) in Melaque (10am-3pm).  Vendors set up their shaded tiendas in Villa Obregón for 6 blocks along Calle Revolucion between Playa Melaque and the Cancha de Futbol and a few side streets.  Mostly domestic items for sale, but there are crafts, cds’ & dvds’, jewelry, clothing, shoes, novelties and souvenirs.  This is a good time & place to practice your bartering skills.

If you miss the Tiangis in Melaque try these other locations and days.
Thursdays: Barra de Navidad, Jalisco.
Fridays: Day Off (closed).
Saturdays: Santiago, Colima.
Sundays: Salahua, Colima.
Mondays: Manzanillo, Colima.
Tuesdays: Cihuatlán, Jalisco.

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